Changzhou Xinneng Automatic Control

It's better because it's professional.



Enterprise Advantage

The company's product range is complete, actuator products are common, integral, regulating, intelligent, explosion-proof BT4, CT4, MA mining and so on. AUKEMA's intelligent electric actuators have reached a high level in the world, and are more optimized in control than imported products, and closer to the actual needs of the domestic market.

Honor quality is trustworthy

Years of production experience

Since its inception, it has offered stable quality and multiple valve electric devices by direct selling.

Professional production equipment
A good after-sales service

Customer case

The company is committed to the optimization of product types and the improvement of quality. In combination with market demand, the special electric valves for coal mines have been developed and applied to the mines of major coal mine groups across the country to improve the level of coal mine automation. The environmentally friendly desulfurization and off-sale electric valves are widely used in power stations. Application, contribute to environmental protection


New optional modular rotary intelligent electric actuator



New optional modular …